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If you do not have access to good internet, feel free to listen to the audio version of the course.



In this lesson, we will simply introduce the course material to you and discover all the topics we will be discussing throughout the Correspondence School.


Study Helps

In this lesson we will cover some basic Bible Study tips that will help you get started!


What Is Truth?

In John 18, Pilate asked Jesus a haunting question... "What Is Truth?" In our world today, there is much pressure upon our young people to adopt the philosophy that there is NO absolute truth... because "you don't know everything, and something you don't know could contradict what you do know, therefore nullifying everything you believe. Henceforth, just do whatever you feel is right for you." Is it TRUE that there is no absolute truth? Jump aboard as we set sail in the search for TRUTH!


The Purpose

Why did God give us His written word? How can I KNOW that I have eternal life? Why is the Bible important for me today? All of these questions and more will be answered in this last introductory lesson.