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Correspondence School of the Bible

Free Online Correspondence Bible School for the Seafarer



The Lifeline Correspondence Bible School is a free online Bible School Course intended for the world's seafarers. We will be teaching through a beginner's course called, "The First Principles Discipleship Course" composed by Pastor Craig Ledbetter.  This course will be split into four semesters, each having their own final exam, and can be completed at any pace. Upon completion, the Bible student will be personally delivered a Certificate of Graduation and a leather bound study Bible free of charge.


Welcome to the First Principles Discipleship Course! These videos are intended for anyone who is interested in learning the basic truths of the Bible. Together, we will cover important topics such as truth, salvation, baptism, the history and preservation of the Bible, the Christian and money, the Bible and the home, and many other foundational truths from the Word of God. 

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